Transition – Commercial to Government

Entering the Public Sector (the Government Marketplace)

About U.S. Federal and SLED Government Contracting

The U.S. government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods, services, and solutions and is mandated by U.S. federal law to provide contract opportunities for small businesses firms in one of two broad categories of government contractors:

  • Prime contractors bid on and win contracts directly from government agencies.
  • Subcontractors join prime contractor teams, usually to provide a specific capability or product
Entering the Public Sector

Entering the Public Sector (government contracting) is a daunting task for even the most seasoned and successful commercial firms. Government websites and some consultants make it appear that success in the public arena is within the reach of every firm. This is simply not true. You will hear or read that the government is seeking new vendors – this is an unfair exaggeration that makes it appear that the transition into the public sector is readily achievable, and that success is only a step away.

Do not be misled into believing that hiring a company to complete a few forms, securing a CAGE Code and Universal Identification Number (UEI), formerly a DUNS number, and searching for contract opportunities will earn you a government contract. You need a company-specific, strategic plan to ensure success. For more than four decades, Rainmaker has assisted dozens of firms in overcoming the myriad of obstacles every firm encounters when entering the government space – we are experts in this area. 

When entering into the public/government marketplace is done correctly, federal and SLED (state, local, educational entities) contracting can be a lucrative and stable business model that features long-term contracts and reliable, timely payments. The government has the world’s largest spending budget and literally purchases every commercial product, service, or solutions.  Being a government contractor will enhance your business’s reputation and credibility and opens doors to significant public and private contract opportunities.