Mission and Vision

Rainmaker Mission

Rainmaker is a prominent, award-winning, and nationally recognized professional consulting firm dedicated to providing superior services and solutions while assisting our clients in their understanding and navigation of the complex and ever-changing government sector/government contracting and commercial marketplaces.

We strive for the continued delivery of high-quality services that help our clients navigate complex business challenges, refine and achieve their strategic goals, and drive company revenue and value. Rainmaker’s focus on the delivery of exceptional client service is evident in the wide range of our service offerings and our vast experience in sourcing and winning government and commercial contracts for clients.

By fostering continuous, unfettered communications and maintaining a concentrated client focus, Rainmaker’s services and solutions align with our clients’ strategic priorities and allow us to deliver substantial, tangible value. Rainmaker’s commitment to client satisfaction stems from the strength of our client relationships which allow us to grow with our clients, attract new clients, and continue to capture our share of the market.

The mission of Rainmaker centers on our continuous driving of client success and creating long-term impact. By our delivery of high-quality services, innovative solutions, and collaborative partnerships, Rainmaker empowers our clients to achieve their goals and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Rainmaker Vision

Heritage – Exceptionalism – Commitment  

 Rainmaker – Evermore the Visionary

With a heritage dating back to a time before most of the technology we use today, Rainmaker has at its core a forward-looking, innovative spirit that is embodied by our people and the projects we undertake while capitalizing and leveraging the expertise, experience, lessons-learned, and best practices handed down over the past five decades.

Visionary Heritage

Our 43 years of continued innovation allows us to see opportunities and solutions where others see limits, challenges, and obstructions. Our rich history of ingenuity and resourcefulness inspires us to relentlessly reinvent and refine every detail of our proposal, communications, and consulting practice. It is who we are and who we have always been.

We Are Really Big on the Little Things

Every detail of a Rainmaker-managed project is meticulously developed and delivered. Our expert writing, editing, proposal management, communications, and strategic skills and insights ensure our clients are correctly positioned to realize their objectives. Our attention to detail and quality control procedures ensure that what we promise is what we deliver. Nothing more and nothing less than what an exceptional consulting company should deliver.

Exceptional in the 1980s – Exceptional Today

When a business model is this well thought-out and fully developed, you don’t give it a second thought. Every element of your journey with us has been designed to flow seamlessly every step of the way. Orchestrating every last detail are the Rainmaker subject matter experts that translate your vision into winning proposals, strategies, and approaches that are uniquely crafted to your expectations and the exacting demands and specifications of the projects and contracts you are pursuing.