The Pure Rain Initiative®

PURE – People Using Resources Efficiently™

Rainmaker is a founding member of The PURE Rain Initiative®


The Pure Rain Initiative® is not a collection of feel-good information and marketing jargon designed to increase sales and profitability as a part of an effort to publicize good corporate citizenship. Rather, PRI is a common-sense compilation of logical processes and simple procedures that carry no social or political message or agenda. It is simply the owners and employees of a business taking small, repetitive steps that collectively produce large, positive results.

Rainmaker’s management policies of protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources date back to the early 1980s. As our business grew, we developed and enacted policies and procedures that greatly minimized our impact on the Earth’s ecosystem. Rainmaker has taken every possible step to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices across our company to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure an energy efficient operating environment.

Today, we are one of the most energy efficient consulting companies.

From our implementation of a no-print paperless corporate environment to video conferencing and on-line meetings to reduce travel to a comprehensive recycling mandate, our focus has taken us far beyond system performance and reliability. We have invested in the design processes that give our clients the tools that complement their environmental policies by affording them the ability to identify and select the most environmentally sound business solution available.

Collectively, Rainmaker and its growing list of clients have done our part to minimize our impact on our planet. Our efforts include:

  • Recycling – paper, boxes, plastic, glass, aluminum cans (and steel and tin), metals, ink cartridges, paint, solvents, newspapers and magazines, junk mail, cardboard and paperboard, greeting cards and mailers, printed advertisements and brochures, green waste, food waste, construction/demolition materials, computers, printers, cell phones and tablets, batteries (all), UPS devises, all other electronic equipment
  • Saving Electricity – using high-efficiency lights and heating/cooling, motion-activated lighting, switching off of office lights when not in use
  • Placing recycling containers throughout the office with an emphasis on hotspots, e.g., paper bins in the copy room, plastic bins in the break room
  • In the somewhat rare occasion that a proposal must be printed, bound, and delivered rather than uploaded to a portal or sent via an email attachment, Rainmaker only uses laser, copy, and letterhead paper with 30%+ post-consumer recycled paper content

the PURE Rain Initiative® (PRI)