Did Your Proposal Win?

Imagine If You Knew the Answer to This Question BEFORE You Submitted Your Proposal!


WINNING, The Ultimate Measure of the Quality, Compliance, and Completeness of a Proposal

Rainmaker’s proprietary and proven proposal writing, editing, management, review, evaluation, and recommendation systems and their related processes were created and have been fine-tuned via lessons-learned and technological advancements over the past five decades.

Rainmaker has reviewed, edited, and proofed more than 9,300 proposals and communications projects for 513 clients in 21 primary and 231 specific industries and has collected and/or developed dozens of examples of lessons-learned, proprietary checklists, compliance matrices, writing formulas, and proofing and editing guides to ensure proposal compliance and winnability. We have developed an unmatched ability to ensure that every requirement of the solicitation is addressed, and that the proposal contains sufficient information and support documentation to maximize every evaluation criterion or earn every point available.

Rainmaker performs a comprehensive review and analysis of every proposal section and component using proprietary checklists, compliance matrices, writing formulas, and proofing and editing guides.

The following table summarizes our comprehensive reviews and analyses and contains a listing of the processes and procedures (checks/checkpoints) used by Rainmaker to ensure proposal precision and winnability. These processes are employed for every proposal written/edited and/or managed by Rainmaker OR for projects in which Rainmaker serves in an editing, proofing, and/or color team review function:

The 174 Checks and Checkpoints Every Rainmaker-Reviewed Proposal Undergoes 

Proposal Section or Action Primary Checkpoints Secondary Checkpoints
Proposal Organization and Emphasis 9 3
Proposal Appearance and Presentation 15 6
Accuracy 5 1
Graphics – Visuals – Images 10 2
Cover Letter 6 4
Executive Summary 12 3
Technical / Operational / Delivery / Management 17 16
Incorporation of Company/Team Win Themes and Strategies 9 1
Proposal Compliance and Responsiveness 12 4
Proposal Continuity 5 1
Proposal Consistency and Brevity 6 2
Proposal’s Ease of Evaluation 9 3
Analysis – Loss of Evaluation Points 9 4
Total Primary and Secondary Checks – Checkpoints 124 50