Rainmaker Private-Sector Experience

Commercial (B2B) Contracting – Leveraging our Government Experience

In 1984, three years after the formation of our Government Proposal Division, Rainmaker quickly expanded into the Private Sector in support of its non-government clients and their search for private-sector commercial contracts, subcontracting opportunities, and business relationships.

39 years later, we are proud to boast the completion of more than 3,600 private sector Business-to-Business (B2B) projects that include:

  • Responses to the Requests for Proposal (RFP), Requests for Information (RFI), and Requests for Quotes (RFQ) issued by companies
  • Cover Letters and Executive Summaries to accompany responses to RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs
  • Writing a Capability Statement and/or Company Bio/Brochure or Website
  • Introduction Letters generally including a company Capability Statement or Company Bio/Brochure or Website Link
  • General Letters to Clients, Potential Clients, or Team Members/Subcontractors
    • Introduction of Company
    • Introduction of Services and/or Products
    • Thank You
    • Service or Product Mishaps – letters explaining what happened, why it will not happen again
    • Condolences – Sorry for Your Loss
    • Congratulations – promotions/advancements, retirement, births, marriage, birthdays, graduations
  • Letters for any number of uses
  • Business Plans – acquisition, sale, securing financing
  • Marketing Plans – all types
  • Strategic Plans – all types
  • Quotes and Rates
  • Product or Service Descriptions

As noted in our company bio, the Rainmaker approach to client success is unique and stems from our deep understanding of and adherence to well-defined, strategic, and superior proposal creation, business development, and capture management/marketing strategies that give our clients a competitive advantage. Our innovative methodologies and proven approaches are based upon:

  • Our 43+ years of unparalleled experience in public sector/government contracting
    • We began writing and managing government proposals in 1981
  • Our 39+ years of unparalleled experience in private sector/commercial contracting
    • We began writing and managing commercial proposals in 1984
  • The competitive advantage Rainmaker affords its clients through adherence to time-tested, superior tactics, and
  • Rainmaker’s application of leading treatises on strategy as they relate to competitive environments

It is these milieus where companies find themselves contesting with one another for a specific goal, e.g., winning a contract opportunity, developing a strategic advantage, overcoming challenges, teaming/partnering with the correct company(ies), hiring qualified personnel.

Over time, the inclusion of Rainmaker in a company’s proposal development (management, writing, wordsmithing), market research, and short- and long-term strategic development, and communications  gives our clients a sustainable and competitive advantage that becomes an integral component of the firm’s overall corporate strategy.

Rainmaker Works in Partnership with our Clients to:

  • Professionally Manage, Write, and Edit/Wordsmith Proposal Responses
  • Win Commercial Contracts – by developing and submitting winning proposals
  • Research, Locate, Analyze, and Respond to Business-to-Business (B2B) Requests for Proposals, Quotes, and/or Information
  • Manage Company Communications and Correspondence
  • Develop a Company-Specific (bespoke) Strategic Plan to locate and win government contracting opportunities
  • Enter the commercial (private sector) arena – become a government contractor – See Rainmaker VAP