Gary L. Johnson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Strategic Officer

Gary Johnson is the founder, chief executive, and chief strategic officer of Rainmaker. He is a highly acclaimed speaker, mentor, and one of the most sought-after consultants, strategists, editors, and writers in government contracting, the political arena, and corporate and organizational strategic planning. He is a specialist in the art and science of business strategies and services/product marketing and has a long, influential, and distinguished record of accomplishment with entrepreneurial, small, and emerging large business enterprises in a myriad of industries.

Government (Public Sector) and Private Sector Contracting

Johnson is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in government contracting and has authored several books and dozens of articles on public sector contracting, proposal writing and management, capture management, and private business growth strategies. A high-level overview of his business expertise and acumen includes:

  • Proposal Development – proposal editing and writing, proposal management, tactical decisions
  • Strategic Planning – contract sourcing, subcontractor sourcing
  • Corporate and Organizational Growth Strategies
  • Private Sector Proposal Development and Contract Sourcing
  • U.S. (Federal, State, Local) Disaster Planning/Mitigation, Recovery, and Relief

As a company principal or consultant, he has written, edited, and/or managed several thousand proposals submitted to domestic and international government agencies over the past 32+ years. He sits on the board of directors of twelve corporations and not-for-profit organizations and currently serves or has previously served as a senior strategic adviser and SME for firms in a myriad of roles including:

  • Government/Public Sector contracting as a senior proposal writer, executive strategist, and proposal response professional
  • Private Sector (Commercial) Contracting
  • National and regional political campaigns
  • Corporate start-ups
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Domestic and multinational corporations
  • New and expanding product/service campaigns
  • National and international master franchises – formation, operation, marketing, acquisition

Award-Winning Writer and Ghost Writer

Recognized as one of government contracting industry’s most proficient and successful proposal and business writers and editors, Johnson has worked as a professional writer, collaborator, ghostwriter, and/or editor of hundreds of projects including:

  • Books – business, politics, legal, non-fiction, fiction
  • White Papers and Authoritative Reports – numerous industries
  • Political and Business Speeches
  • Curricula Vitae
  • Public Reports and Financial Disclosures
  • Legal – opening and closing statements, stratagems, development of voir dire questions and strategies
  • Company and Executive Biographies
  • Corporate Capability Statements
  • Scripts and Script Punch Ups – motion pictures, television series, television specials, sporting events broadcasts, corporate videos, company and product introductions, corporate presentations, plenary sessions, and political campaigns

The authors, celebrities, business executives, and public figures with whom Johnson has represented and/or collaborated represent a myriad of fields, professions, and industries including:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Politics
  • Sports – teams, team members, and team owners
  • Motorsports – four different national and international sanctioning bodies, race teams, racers
  • Real Estate Development and Construction
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Security and Protection – security guards, executive protection
  • Entertainment – amusement parks, film, music, television, streaming
  • Health and Fitness
  • Medicine
  • Science

Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery

Johnson has served as a senior consultant and mentor to various disaster recovery and response firms and government/public entities throughout the United States (including U.S. Territories) and the British Overseas Territories located in the Caribbean. His “disaster” expertise began in August of 1992, immediately after Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida. His work and expertise in disaster planning, response, and recovery is nationally recognized and includes the sourcing, transportation, warehousing, and management of hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster planning and recovery products and services including, but not limited to, COVID-19 testing and vaccination services, bottled water, ice, debris removal, security guards, construction (equipment, materials, services), fuel (gasoline, diesel, aviation), temporary facilities (tents, restrooms, beds, lighting), consumer products (diapers, paper products, cleaning supplies), and medical staffing services.

Frost and Sullivan’s Market Engineering Award for Competitive Strategy

Johnson and his client were awarded the prestigious Frost and Sullivan’s Market Engineering Award for Competitive Strategy, one example of the numerous industry recognitions, awards, and accolades he has earned.