Why Our Clients Need Us

One does not need to be a Warton or Harvard MBA to recognize and understand that it is unfeasible, fiscally intolerable, and financially impossible for a less than very large business to employ numerous six-figure capture managers, marketing executives, strategic planners, proposal writers, editors, reviewers, proposal managers, graphic artists, and proposal support staff.

43 years ago, Rainmaker recognized this financial dilemma is faced by every growing company. Our business model was to become a specialist in meeting the strategic and proposal writing, proofing, editing, and proposal management needs of small and growing companies at a cost that any size business can afford. It is what we have been doing for the past five decades.

Rainmaker is fast, professional, and excellent at what we do. Equally as important, we are a fiscally vigilant firm with a proven business model that affords us the ability to be one of the most competitively priced firms in the public sector/government contracting industry.

We have years of experience and an exhaustive list of completed, successful projects. We deliver a broad suite of “impact” strategic planning, capture, marketing, proposal development services, editing, and end-to-end proposal management solutions.

We are experts in helping organizations effectively and cost-efficiently plan, grow, structure, and manage their business. We provide the business and strategic planning experience, proposal knowledge, editing expertise, and marketing implementation skills to turn almost any company’s challenges into solutions . . . and those solutions into success.

Our claims of success and unmatched capabilities are readily confirmed by reviewing the list of projects we have completed and client testimonials we have earned/received. In addition to assisting hundreds of small businesses over the past five decades, we have also assisted and continue to assist a number of the largest companies in the world. Many of these “large” companies engage the experience and expertise of Rainmaker to augment their proposal writing/management departments during spikes in their proposal response activities and deploy Rainmaker’s expertise with small business to develop unique and highly rated Small Business Subcontracting Plans.

On an almost daily basis, a mid-to-large business will reach out to Rainmaker in search of a small business teaming partners to augment their proposal or are seeking a specific type and category (8(a)/SDB, SDVOSB, WOSB, EDWOSB, HUBZone) of small business subcontractor(s) in which to award work to meet their small business contracting goals. Conversely, many businesses both large and small reach out to Rainmaker in search of qualified, small businesses contractors necessary to PRIME a set-aside contract – in these instances, the “searching” company is generally seeking a subcontractor position on the contract.