A Career at Rainmaker

It takes a diverse, multidisciplinary team to manage a government or commercial proposal or project with contract opportunities ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars.

From proposal managers to support personnel that assemble and upload proposals, every member of Team Rainmaker plays an invaluable role in Rainmaker’s and our clients’ success. We are always seeking extraordinary people to join our team. The following list illustrates some of the senior and support positions working for and with Rainmaker:

 Proposal Response Support

  • Senior Proposal Manager
  • Proposal Manager
  • Senior Proposal Editor
  • Proposal Editor
  • Senior Proposal Coordinator
  • Proposal Coordinator
  • Senior Color Team Review Generalist
  • Senior Color Team Review Specialist
  • Color Team Review Generalist
  • Color Team Review Specialist
  • Senior Proofreader / Proofing Generalist
  • Senior Proofreader / Proofing Specialist
  • Proofreader – Junior
  • Senior Desktop Support Specialist
  • Desktop Support Specialist
  • Desktop Support – Junior
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analyst – Senior
  • AI Specialist – Content Editor
  • AI Generalist – Market Trends

Proposal Compliance

  • Senior Compliance Specialist
  • Compliance Support – Junior

Capture and Opportunity Discovery, Tracking, Evaluation/Analysis

  • Senior Capture Manager
  • Capture Manager
  • Senior Strategist – Government Contracting
  • Strategist – Government Contracting
  • Senior Strategist – Commercial Contracting
  • Strategist – Commercial Contracting
  • Senior Analyst – Solicitation Requirements
  • Analyst – Solicitations

Corporate Support including Sales and Marketing, Administrative Support

  • Attorney – Specialist in acquisition, contract, and/or government contracting law
  • Paralegal – Specialist in contract law
  • Paralegal – Specialist in government contracting law
  • Business Generalist
  • Business Specialist – Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures
  • Sales and Marketing Director
  • Salesperson / Marketing
  • Senior Administrator
  • Clerical and Administrative Support

Rainmaker Advisory Board Member

  • Currently Being Updated

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