Are You a Xeroxer?

Are You a Writer, Editor, Wordsmither . . .  or a Xeroxer?

This is the first question we ask of any writer, wordsmither, editor, or proofreader seeking to join Rainmaker.

  • What is a Xeroxer? We define a Xeroxer as a writer or editor that uses written content from a previous proposal, an Internet website, and/or Artificial Intelligence as the basis of or as primary source for a current proposal response.
  • A Xeroxer can be a good writer, even an excellent writer. The problem is not the acumen and professionalism of the writer but in the use of content that is not specifically relevant to the scenario or project in which it is being used.
  • How often do color team reviewers and senior managers point out that a proposal section does not address the requirements of the solicitation? The answer is very often. In fact, this happens with most proposals. Why? Because what was written for problem or scenario A (the source content from a previous proposal) is not relevant to problem or scenario B.

Rainmaker has developed a unique management, technical, and proprietary information extraction and interview process. We ensure that the information in a client proposal is relevant and responsive to the solicitation requirements of the proposal being written.

It has taken Rainmaker about 25 years of trial and error and the incorporation of best practices and continuous lessons learned for us to overcome the writing challenges currently experienced by almost all companies.