What is a Rainmaker?

In many dozens of world mythologies, a Rainmaker brings rain to the earth to make things grow –  giving man the sustenance that one needs to live. The term Rainmaker can apply to anyone including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The capture or marketing executive who develops a client-penetration strategy that results in millions of dollars in sales
  • The salesperson who always finishes first in sales or closes the biggest deals
  • The engineer who consistently develops innovative methodologies and systems to solve complex problems
  • The program manager that increases productivity while reducing costs

At Rainmaker, we are Difference Makers! We have developed a delicate balance in the management of our client engagements by greatly reducing both the physical stress and resource drain caused by the strategic planning and proposal writing and management processes

Rainmaker assists clients by developing, implementing, and managing customized, strategic plans that serve as each company’s premeditated and calculated blueprint designed to predict and capitalize on each phase of growth in a manner most beneficial to the client, We take our name seriously and are Rainmakers in the real and mythological sense. Give us a chance to show you what we can do – we can/will make it rain!

Famous Rainmakers Throughout History

Gods of rain, weather, the sky, thunder, wind, lightning, and storms appear regularly in regional mythology. For a list of the ~80 historic Rainmakers, go to Rainmaker White Paper: Rainmakers Throughout History